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How it's done: Creating 3D letters with our ingenious 3D Font Generator

3D Font Generator
3D letters are a popular way of personalising clothing items and gifts. Graphic fonts attract attention, add weight to your message and offer versatile design options. Create your own 3D text with graffiti letters or other 3D text effects using our 3D Font Generator.

The Shirtinator 3D Font Generator

The idea of customising garments or other products with 3D letters has a long tradition and techniques have seen continuous improvement over time. While garments featuring 3D fonts used to be available almost exclusively in retail stores and we had no say on the slogans printed on them, there are now various options for letting your own creativity run wild. With the Shirtinator 3D Font Generator, it's child's play! And the best bit: it's all online. All you need is a little creativity, time and our Creator Tool.

3D letters - what are they?

3D, which stands for three-dimensional, is a term you come across in every corner nowadays. Whether 3D movies at the cinema or 3D designs and models in various fields: 3D effects are a special form of visualisation. Whenever you see 3D text effects on screen, clothing or other products, you'll know instantly what they are. They they give you the impression that images and letters are coming towards you or lend them depth and create a sense of tangibility. This effect never seizes to amaze and put a genuine smile on people's faces. To cut a long story short: this design allows you to create beautiful, eye-catching pieces nobody else has.

How to use 3D fonts

3D fonts allow you to:

  • design first names
  • create slogans
  • emphasise individual letters
  • add captions to images
  • try various colour combinations by using colourful letters

Step-by-step guide to creating a 3D font

Create your 3D text

Our Creator Tool allows you to compose your own text in the “Text” tab. This can be individual letters or a cool slogan. Simply use the lines of the text field to enter your text. Try to be creative from the start. The more unusual the text, the better the surprise effect when you apply a 3D font.

Design your 3D font

Now select the menu item “Text Effects” and choose your favourite 3D font from a range of completely different designs. There are suitable styles for everyone. Whether a wood or stone effect, a monster theme or cute little hearts and teddy bears – we have them all. Any changes you make to the text you've entered appear on the product in the field on the left immediately. You can decide whether you're happy with your design choices or whether you'd prefer to make further adjustments. To change the font size, simply drag the text box larger or smaller in the product preview by using the “Resize” function.

Select multiple 3D letters

There's a wide range of different 3D letters. You can even use them at the same time. All you need to do to use several kinds of 3D letters on the same product is duplicate the text using the “Duplicate” function and apply a different 3D font to the new text.
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