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Personalised caps from Shirtinator

Design your personalised caps in just a few steps. It's no surprise that your baseball cap is one of the first things that get noticed. After all, it's usually in quite a visible spot. This is a brilliant opportunity to let everyone know what's cracking and who they're dealing with.

Choose your cap

A cap is not just an accessory but a faithful companion that will quickly become your trademark. Time to design your own cap with Shirtinator, just the way you like it. The first step is to choose one of our caps. We stock both classic and casual baseball caps in cool designs for men, women and children.
Personalised Caps

Choose your favourite motif for your cap

Hold your hat, because once you've decided on a colour for your cap, it's time to add a design! There's a wide range of topics and motifs to choose from. Funny slogans, various animal or plant motifs, funny illustrations and plenty more are waiting to go onto your cap. You can arrange your chosen motifs yourself on the front side of your cap within the print area frame.
Custom caps

Why not add your own text?

Show your creative side and don't just embellish your cap with a great motif but also add a slogan of your choice to the side or front. Simply enter your favourite text in the “Add text” tab and choose a font, colour and great effects. Then pop the cap in the basket. Now all you need to do is select the right cap size and the number of caps you'd like to order. Then go to the checkout and you're all done.
Design your own cap
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