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Personalised mouse mats from Shirtinator

Have you ever considered designing your own personalised mouse mat? Let's be honest: office workspaces can be pretty dull sometimes! A large screen, a few pens, a hole puncher and a boring paper clip box... that's not exactly the most inspiring environment for creative minds like you, is it? So how about getting yourself a personalised mouse mat? It won't get you out of there any sooner, but at least it'll put a smile on your face and make you marvel or dream every now and then! Keep your favourite beach, your pet or your niece with the braces next to your keyboard. Or give someone who really deserves it a mouse mat with your selfie on it.

Pick your standard-size mouse mat

If you've selected “Mouse Mats” from our product list, you can start designing your personalised mouse mat straight away. Our mats are 1.5 mm thick and come with a surface that's suitable for all mouse types.
Personalised mouse mats

Pick a design for your mouse mat

At Shirtinator you're really spoiled for choice: in the “Add design” tab of our Creator Tool you'll find plenty of suggestions for your personalised design. Pick a motif and customise it in our Creator Tool. Now it's time to adapt the size of your motif, move the object around, distort it, bend it or stretch it. And don't forget to leave enough space for your text.
Custom mouse mats

Now add your own text to create your personalised mouse mat

“I'm at work, not on the run”... that's the kind of slogan you would read at your local pub or garage. Surely you can do better than that! Use your life motto, the pun of the year or an encrypted message only your friends will understand. Once you've selected your text, it's time to add some design features. Vamp it up with effects, pick an original font, compress it or make it appear as a curve. This is your chance to add your finishing touches to your mouse mat and let your creativity run wild. Once you're happy with your work, all that's left to do is place your newly designed mouse mat in the basket and complete your order at the checkout.
Design your own mouse mat
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