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Upload your own image and photo with Shirtinator – it's easy and free!

Image upload
Uploading your own images and photos with Shirtinator is like a walk in the park and, of course, free. You'll only incur costs if you confirm that you want us to print your motif or remove the background.

Before the upload: check and enhance the image quality

To achieve the best possible image quality and a compelling print result, the uploaded image file should meet the following requirements:

  • File format .png, .jpg, .bmp or .tif (no vector files)
  • Minimum resolution of 200 dpi (300 dpi preferred)
  • Maximum file size 10 MB
  • The recommended image size depends on the motif. A large image of 30x35 cm, for example, should have a resolution of 300 dpi and 3543x4134 pixels. For an image size of 10x5 cm (e.g. for a logo), we recommend a resolution of 300 dpi and about 1181x591 pixels.
  • High print quality is important to us. However, due to deviations in production techniques, we can't guarantee any exact hues. That's why we don't offer prints in Pantone colours. We recommend uploading your images in RGB or CMYK colours. It's all Greek to you? Don't worry! Most images are created in RGB by default.

The size and resolution of the graphics can be checked and adapted in any standard image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo Paint, Paint or Gimp beforehand.

After the upload: image quality rating

The stars that appear below your motif after uploading an image are there to help you find the optimal print quality. The star rating is based on the resolution of the uploaded motif and is provided for general reference only. It doesn't replace a visual assessment in person. We therefore strongly recommend that you check the motif using graphics software before uploading it.

Reducing or enlarging the size of the motif on the T-shirt changes the pixel size of the image. For example, too big an enlargement of a photo with insufficient resolution will cause a blurred image. Reducing the image size, on the other hand, doesn't cause any loss of quality.

Step-by-step guide to uploading photos and images

Launch the Creator Tool and upload the image

Open the Shirtinator Creator Tool and go to the "Motifs" tab. Pick a photo or image from the “Pictures” folder on your computer. Press “Open” to upload the image to the Creator Tool and automatically place it on the T-shirt.

Edit your photo using the integrated image editing software

The Creator Tool has its own image editing software, so you don't need to have your own. The image editing tool has several menu items: “Instant effects”, “Crop & Mask”, “Frames” and “Adjustments”. Once your upload is complete, you'll be asked whether you'd like to remove the background. Find out how in the following step.

Remove the background

Would you like to print your motif without any background? Our professional graphics experts are happy to remove the background for you at a small charge.
Once you've uploaded your motif, you can select the "Remove Background" option. Please note that the result of the background removal is not immediately visible, but you can still continue to design your favourite product as usual.
Our graphics team will remove the background as requested once you've paid and before your order is printed.
Please note that changing the colour of the motif background to the colour of the product won't make it invisible. Example: When printing a motif whose background colour has been changed to black onto a black T-shirt, slight differences in hue will be visible and make it look unprofessional! Please remove the background correctly using your graphics software or have it removed by us to make sure you'll enjoy your T-shirt for longer.
Before & after example:

Tip: Using a direct printing technique, we can also print graphics without a background from a .png file in which the background is defined as transparent. This requires editing the image accordingly using image editing software. Converting the image to a .png file is not sufficient.

Instant effects

The “Instant effects” tab allows you to select different colour effects or styles such as “Pencil Drawing” for your image.

Crop & Mask

In the “Crop & Mask” tab, you can decide whether you'd prefer your motif to be round or rather heart-shaped or star-shaped.


Frames are virtual picture frames which look like real picture frames and can be placed around your photo.


Image effects allow you to sharpen the image, increase its contrast and adjust its colours.
As soon as you're satisfied with your photo, you can transfer the effects from the image editing tool to the Creator Tool by pressing the “Apply” button. You'll see them on your selected product immediately. You can now make final adjustments to the arrangement of your motif. Once you're done, place the product in the basket and complete your order at the checkout.
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