Climate protection


Shirtinator not only wants to provide you with good products, we also want to contribute to climate protection together with you. Therefore, we have created various possibilities and started cooperations - so that your shopping can also protect the climate. 

Yook makes it easy to offset the emission when you shop online. We have chosen a reforestation project in Borneo. Trees are planted and protected there, which put use to the climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere for their growth. With every order, you have the option to reduce your own carbon footprint. You can decide completely voluntarily whether you want to protect the climate. Just check the box in your the Shirtinator shopping basket - it has no influence on the payment process, the quality of the products or the speed of delivery. If you want to make your contribution to climate protection, it's easy as that! Get more details here:


The Ryte Carbon Neutral programme offsets and reduces the carbon footprint of websites, as they account for a large proportion of global CO2 emissions. It calculates the estimated CO2 emissions of our websites to estimate the CO2 footprint of our online shop. We then offset the associated CO2 emissions by financially supporting a climate protection project backed by ClimatePartner. By working with Ryte, we can reduce the CO2 footprint of our website in the long term and avoid further CO2 emissions in the long term. Get more details here:

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Before a product arrives at your doorstep it has already come a long way. Material sourcing, production, transport and shipping: these are the main factors that make up the carbon footprint of this product.

At Shirtinator you can reduce the carbon footprint of your order and support selected climate protection projects.

Together we act against climate change!

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