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Personalised sports T-shirts from Shirtinator

Have you ever thought of designing your own personalised sports T-shirts for your team? The World Cup is not the only great opportunity to quote your team's favourite locker room slogans. After all, a stylish jersey distinguishes a winning team from the losers of the qualifying round not just in football but also in all other team sports. Whether you're into volleyball, clay pigeon shooting or rugby: if you're looking to design your own individual sports shirt, look no further. And while you're at it, why don't you ask your teammates for their sizes so you can order matching sports T-shirts for the whole team?

Pick your sports T-shirt

It goes without saying that all our sports T-shirts, shorts and pants are fast-drying, highly breathable and temperature-regulating. In other words: functional sportswear that copes with frequent washing just as well as it does with rough opponents on the pitch. The first step is to choose a cut and colour scheme for your jersey before you let your creativity run wild.
Personalised sports T-shirts

Pick a design for your sports T-shirt

Now it's time to add your personal touch. Our motifs collection offers you innumerable images and graphics to choose from. Place them on the chest, on the back or on the arms, move them around and change their size and colour. It's a lot more fun than football training! Once you've correctly placed your favourite motif on your sports T-shirt, it's time for adjusting the details. Change the colours of your graphics or add a fun effect. And remember: surprise is the best defence.
Custom sports T-shirts

Now add your own text to your sports T-shirt

A successful team needs an intimidating battle cry, so why not add yours to your sports T-shirt to lend it a finishing touch? Insert a text that captures your team's spirit. Use our Creator Tools to give your text a personal twist. Change the typography, add different effects to the letters and lend the typeface its own dynamics. Found a perfect match? Then head to the checkout to make sure you're back on the pitch in time for your next game.
Design your own sports T-shirt
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